The nature of systems changing innovation

We know what we know, but we don’t know what we don’t know. The nature of innovation is by definition very decentralised. It happens in all organisations, but innovations that challenge existing structures are predominantly growing in smaller organisations. These organisations are spread globally and they are hard to find.

This is why we don’t know what we don’t know.

What are the implications? Well, if we are building our strategies for how to face the changes of the future based on old and incomplete knowledge of which innovations may actually change the industry structures where we are working, that strategy won’t be very useful. We will instead be constantly reactive to system changes we did not anticipate. This is particularily true in times of great change and of innovative structural changes, which is the case for everything related to cleantech and indeed to the entire field of broader sustainability.

There is definitely a niche for helping orgainsations get a grip of the changes and the innovations that may help or challenge their business. But I don’t really see the big consultancies stepping up in this field. Maybe because the knowledge required is just as difficult for them to collect.

There are of course interesting companies in the area, in addition to Globe Forum 🙂 This morning I had a meeting with Googol. They are experts in finding innovations within a company and taking them to market. The opposite perspective.



  1. intostutt
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    Hello folks, I just went akross this awesome forum through google and I like the especialy “” form. I really like the design and the team does its job verry good.
    I´m Andrew and I´m pleased to be here 🙂


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    Thanks Andrew! We really appreciate your comment. Are you in the field yourself?

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