Green IT Innovation – Data Center Efficiencies to Reduce Carbon Footprint – Part 1.

Part 1 of 3  – Consolidating Data Centers and Servers.

Green Data Center1When most IT managers think of DC efficiency, they jump right to the topics making the most headlines, “Strategic hot and cold server rows, high efficiency power supplies, LEED certification analysis and building retrofits, etc.”  Yes, I’ll cover those things in some detail in Part 3, but one of the most effective and least costly ways to cut your total electricity usage (and therefore your company’s carbon footprint) is to reduce the overall number of servers you’re using and especially strive to phase out older model servers.

In a report published by David Greenhill, Distinguished Engineer at Sun Microsystems, (Space Watts and Power), he indicates that older model servers can consume 45 times the energy of  newer models.  In his case study the 1997 server used 13,456 watts / hr. compared to only 300 watts / hr. for the 2005 server.    But even 300 watts/hr. (0.3 Kw/hr.) add up quickly when you realize you’re typically running it 7/24/365.  In fact, each 300 w server uses about 2600 Kw per year.  Then you factor in the hundreds or even thousands of servers most large organizations are using and the air conditioning, UPS, lighting, etc. to house them, and you can start to see why less is definitely more.

There are plenty of other reasons for consolidating your servers too including (reduced software licensing fees, reduced maintenance costs, reduced leased space and possibly even reductions in total staff to watch over the servers.)  So, the next step is figuring out How to Best Consolidate your servers.

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Next time: “Access to Renewably-Generated Electricity – A Key Criterion for your next Data Center.”


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