Don’t let the economic crisis halt the required lifestyle revolution!

For the first time in months the sun was out, but instead of enjoying the lovely weather I was off to Stockholm’s city hall to take on the climate differently together with Blair, Clinton and Maathai.

Together with 1000 other guests I was anxious to hear what breakthrough innovative news these heavyweights were about to relay on the topic: “Visions of a Low-Carbon World – Moving Forward in the Face of Financial Crisis.” In other words which steps should be taken in order to achieve a balance between welfare, growth and the needs of the environment?

First out was the Nobel Peace prize winner Maathai, with an engaging message on the need to act, and she left us wondering: “Are we, human beings, ready to adapt ourselves to the changes we will be facing if we don’t act now? Are we ready to change our life style?”

Next, Blair stole the show and continued to emphasize the need for action. However he made it very clear that strong decisions are required to facilitate these actions and that building a way for all countries to connect and receive equal opportunity for development will not be easy.

Last but not least Clinton entered as a true American in the know, but with a tender statement he made his departure: “It is not important to think about what should be done and how much it will cost. It is more important to discuss HOW we can do it”

Summarizing, the discussion was interesting, informative and constructive but no further conclusion could be made from it and no “incredible news” came up. All I can say is that I agree with Blair, Clinton and Maathai; the economical crises can not be used as an excuse for not focusing on our climate problems and on how to solve them. It is time to make the changes and they have to be made now!


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