Sustainable lifestyle revolution part II: Are we being sustainable or not?

Ever since I read the article: “Eating ecological food doesn’t mean that you will save the world” (Dagens Nyheter), I have been toying with the idea and moved from the opinion that it sounds so difficult to be sustainable to; it is just another natural step in the right direction.

According to the article the best way to be sustainable when preparing food is to plan ahead and avoid throwing away left-over’s. Doesn’t sound that difficult does it? Sound like a natural step to me.

Hence we need to adapt ourselves or take a natural step in the right direction, and when I say adapt ourselves and change towards a more sustainable lifestyle I don’t just mean food!

We should think from all perspectives, before our excessive consumption is destroying what we should save.

Consider twice if what you do is a natural step or not:

  • Is it natural to purchase new shoes and clothes every month?
  • Is it natural to reach for the French cheese instead of a local one?
  • Do I naturally need the latest computer instead of the more environmental friendly model?

We can hardly say that we buy things because we naturally need them, most of the times we are satisfying another need. So let’s make our first need natural and if it doesn’t come natural set up rules and become a sustainable challenger.


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