Sustainable is profitable!

Audur Capital, the uniquely female-focused capital company in Iceland is beating the credit crunch due, at least in part, to their feminine approach to business, the company believes.

Audur Capital , the only surviving bank after Iceland’s meltdown, was founded by two Icelandic business women, Halla Tomasdottir and Kristin Petursdottir. “We decided to create a company with a clear purpose, powerful mission and interesting philosophy and we are convinced that healthy profits will follow” says Halla and Kristin when explaining why two women who are enjoying successful careers decide to leave their high profile positions to start a new financial service business from scratch?

Halla Tomasdottir is the executive chairman and co-founder of Audur Capital. Halla was previously the Managing Director of the Iceland Chamber of Commerce. She spent 6 years at Reykjavik University as director for executive education and a women entrepreneurship program as well as being an assistant professor. Halla spent 10 years in the USA working for M&M/Mars and later Pepsi Cola’s HR team. Halla has been a teacher and consultant for students and companies in the fields of Organizational Behavior and Entrepreneurship and has served as a non executive board director of a number of organizations

Halla will together with other sustainable challengers discuss the role of sustainability in corporations in the theme session Corporate Sustainability in Times of Financial Turmoil and I believe it will be interesting to hear how Audur capital suvived the crash and what their secret is for success.


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