Swedish Innovations outshine international competition

Today the international Globe Award jury released the nominations in the Sustainability Innovation category.  The independent jury is represented by five experts from USA, UK, Canada and South Africa and has received applications from over 13 different countries. After a thorough selection process, five outstanding companies have made it to the finals.


Cortus AB: Cortus has developed a way to produce large amounts of energy in an inexpensive and environmentally friendly way. Their process converts biomass into gas with a very high energy value. It provides a renewable energy source. It also provides a source of energy that is not based on fossil fuels rather taking a step forward into a climate-friendly and sustainable future. Based in Sweden.

Deflamo: Apyrum® is a biomimetric, environmentally-friendly, cost-efficient, and totally biodegradable flame retardant that is an alternative to toxic flame retardants. Sweden

Scandinavian Enviro Systems: Carbonizing by Forced Convection is a technology that thermally breaks down any organic material in a closed, controllable, environmentally friendly system. The result is highly efficient recycling of complex and traditionally difficult to recycle products. For example using this system, worn out tires can be processed to produce high quality products (Carbon Black, oil, steel and gas) in an environmentally friendly, profitable and energy efficient process. The result is improved sustainability by optimizing the cradle-to-cradle lifecycle. Based in Sweden

Tesla Motors Inc
Tesla Motors designs, manufactures and sells 100% electric cars and advanced electric vehicle components. The Tesla Roadster is the first vehicle to integrate zero petroleum consumption, high energy efficiency, and great driving performance.Tesla is changing the metaphore of the automobile industry by mass-producing sustainable zero-emmision vehicles. Based in USA.

Wallenius Water
Wallenius AOT is a unique Swedish water purification technology that works like a natural microbiological barrier. The chemical free method imitates nature’s way of purifying, using free radicals, nature’s own “cleaners”, to effectively break down organic and inorganic substances as well as bacteria, viruses and mould. Wallenius enables sustainable water purification at scale. Based in Sweden

The Globe Award Price Ceremony
The winner will be announced by H.R.H. Crown Princess Victoria on June 3rd during the Globe Award Gala Dinner! If you wish to attend, register for the Globe Forum Conference here.

The independent jury group:
Philip DesAutels, Manager of Academic Evangelism Microsoft, USA
Pierre Berthon, holds the Clifford F Youse Chair of Marketing and Strategy at Bentley University USA
Charlotte Masiello-Riome, Communications Expert FAO UK
Leyland Pitt, Professor of Marketing at Segal Graduate School of Business, Simon Fraser University Canada
Rias van Wyk,  Director of Technoscan® Centre Minnesota, South Africa

For more information about Globe Award, please visit the Globe Award website.


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    Tesla Roadster the Next Generation Sports Car…

    This is the greatest car ever. Can you imagine to ride all day with the pleasure of Porsche GT3, and to pay about $10 for this. It is just amazing!!!…

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