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Chief Oren R. Lyons, Chairman of the Board, Plantagon International will speak on the topic:  Road to Action – Where the Action is at Globe Forum, June 4-5th 2009 in Stockholm. To understand more about Chief Oren’s vision  read his blogpost  The Seven Generations.

Plantagon International will also exhibit its  Greenhouse during the Forum, a greenhouse concept that will dramatically change the way the world produce ecological and functional food.  Allowing  us to produce ecological with clean air and water inside urban environments, even major cities, cutting costs and environmental damage by eliminating transportation and deliver directly to consumers.

Watch this video for more information about vertical farming:



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    Hello Chief Lyons and the rest of the Plantagon staff. Chief, I’ve seen you speak over the years at the EarthDance Festival in Northern California and we’ve even had the chance to speak face to face for a few moments.

    I work with a company based in San San Francisco and our company is LumiGrow. Last year we came to market with an LED Horticulture Light for urban and commercial greenhouses. Our LED ligth is designed to replace the outdated HID lighting systems that are common in todays greenhouses.

    We have two early partnerships with UC Davis and Duke University. We are also working with s small indoor urban farm in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and a biofuels research facility in Florida that grows algae for fuel.

    I would like to speak with you or someone at Plantagon and talk about how are two companies can work together to promote sustainable local food chains.

    I am looking forward to your reply.

    Craig Spahr
    LumiGrow Consultant.

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    an evolution of the UN… EC Earth Council

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    There’s one issue that the above proposition does not cover, and it’s the most relevant: “How do you intend to make your stock-holders rich?”

    The whole reason we currently employ slash&burn/plow&pollute agriculture is that it is the least expensive. If your method cannot provide higher profits and lower overhead, you’ll never sell it on Wall Street. That’s been the primary setback of every green technology to-date.

  4. Christine Jollota
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    Hi i have a question
    My uncle was at a second hand store and bought a painting signed ny oren lyons.
    This painting looks like a real water painting.. In the painting is a tree with pictures of wild animals in it and behind the frame we took apart to see if there was anything behind it and there was!! its a story about the painting and its histroy i think it may be an org painting .i tryed to look up the picture on the oren lyons sites but unable to locate it there anyone who could provide me any info on this please!
    thanking you in advance
    Christine Jollota

    • Posted January 14, 2010 at 12:08 am | Permalink

      Hi Christine,

      The painting you have is not an original. The original, which indeed is made by Mr. Oren Lyons is hanging on a wall in a bank in Syracuse, USA. The painting is called “The great tree of peace” and there are 500 prints made.
      I hope that this information on the painting has provided you with enough information.

      WIth best regards,
      Isabelle Hernandez

  5. Leigh Michele Venter
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    Oren Lyons for President!

  6. Leigh Michele Venter
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    I certainly hope that you consider using rich organic soil…It is absurd to raise food in building rather than on small organic farms laying on the outskirts of these cities, which would eliminate carbon from transportation, or large mono crop agribusiness. Small organic farms eliminate nitrogen run off plus pollution from large farm equipment. Organic soil has been found to sequester carbon, turning methane from manure and carbon from other decaying material under the soil to produce healthy plants. Bring back our small farms in our communities…Stop urban sprawl…leave the buildings for the masses to live in, while we protect our outlaying farm communities….Stop Corporate America from buying up farm land and leasing it to the small farmers….Watch Independent lens’s Dirt, The Movie! REAL EYE OPENER!

  7. Leigh Michele Venter
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    And I am sorry, I know that large cities need to be self sustaining, but this could be met with having rural areas outside city limits. Hydroponic plants do not have the nutritional value of soil grown plants…The complex compounds absorbed from microbial rich soil is the only way to obtain this nutrition in the food! I am encouraging cities to quit sprawling and protect their rural areas for sustainability…make it small…make it organic…give many people a chance to make a living in food production… Commercial fishing and farming is killing the environment, killing the humans which are a part of that large picture…Killing all the things that we are all a part of. Small sustainable family practices in these areas bring us so much more!

  8. Leigh Michele Venter
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    By the way I have shared many interviews from Oren Lyons on my face book page that I have found on utube, such as the elders prophecy interviews. I find this man to be one of the most enlightened human beings alive on our planet today. I would like to see him move into positions to effect public policy in our nation, just not vertical farming. Small Organic farming and permaculture is where it’s at!

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