A Segregated Almedalen

The segregated Almedalen

In Almedalen we find thousands of different perspectives, thousands of different experiences and opinions.  Everyone is there, but still they do not mix. If you go to the seminars driven by the banks and large corporations -the audience will be filled be other corporate leaders and representatives from the financial sector. And when you attend a seminar hosted by a non-for-profit organisation, the audience will solely consist of representatives from other non-for-profit organisations. This is quite sad. Because the corporate held seminars would be so much more interesting if they had some more diversity. And the non-for-profit org has so much to say and contribute with their value based business models, and I am convinced that they could learn loads by this highly efficient business woman and men. There is no impact in hosting a seminar for the people that are already convinced.

Are people really that scared of new perspectives and learning new things?  When speaking to people around in Almedalen about this, they tend to agree but then they emphasize on the great opportunity Almedalen gives them to have a great team building week, meet their clients and their partners. Of course this also important, but when you have a whole week, day and night, over 1000 seminars, how can you not take the opportunity to learn something new, take  part in different perspectives. Where is the matchmaking and integration?

I urge everyone who is still in Almedalen:

– Take the opportunity; talk to someone who doesn’t share your view or who is from a completely different sector and go to a seminar about something you don’t know anything about!


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