Listen to the the youth

More companies, cities, organisations, forums, governments, and parents should follow the Global Humanitarian Forum and listen to the youth of the world. It is they (us) that are the future, will see the future and will have to cope with future challenges. Today’s youth is tomorrow’s leaders. But when I see the youth delegation at GHF, I see today’s leaders. The determination, passion and hope that show us is genuine, inspiring and exactly what the world needs.

The effect of climate change is already obvious in many parts of the world and disasters are upon us. But still, people have difficulty relating to the changes and to consequences that will come. It still feels to far away for many, especially in the developed world.

If you feel this, please listen to the voices of the young; listen to your children and your grand children. Listen to the concern in their voices; listen to their disappointment, passion, and their hopes. And then tell me you can’t relate to the challenges that earth is facing.


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