MolPort molecule search engine and marketplace

By Janis Oslejs

MolPort, a privately held cheminformatics company, is to chemical molecules what Amazon marketplace is to books.

moleculesApproximately seven million unique research chemicals are sold worldwide by thousands of companies, many of them small labs. Finding if the molecule can be bought and who the seller is, let alone sourcing, is inefficient, time consuming and expensive. Even if seller is identified it often requires multiple communications between supplier and buyer – unnecessary chore for any PhD and large cost for employer.

Often, the purchase of the desired molecule is foregone due administrative difficulties, and the scientist resorts to creating one from scratch himself, generating waste and pollution and spending his valuable time in what is a routine task, instead of concentrating on new drug development. MolPort removes these obstacles, provides a way to reduce chemical waste, pollution and CO2 emission, gives a fair chance to developing nations and, most importantly, facilitating drug development process, helps save human lives.

MolPort is developing a world-class platform for finding, sorting and grading chemicals, so a molecule could be found and bought just as easily as a book.

For chemists we provide a comprehensive database, unique search engine, world – class research and collaboration tools for free in our website. Then we replicate the business model of Amazon Marketplace, where a database of commercially available goods from multiple suppliers is commercialized via organization of purchases. We also sell upgraded version of with advanced online research tools and a version for installation at customers’ site. To suppliers we provide a showroom for their products, industry leading chemical structure search for their catalog, order and payment processing solutions.

Our target market includes universities, research institutes, custom synthesis companies, labs and government agencies in Europe, US and worldwide with hundreds of thousands of individuals and multi-billion dollar annual budget for chemical compound purchases. Just launched we have become regular supplier of several European institutions and have the first customers in Asia in this multi-billion euro market.

 MolPort is seeking for equity financing in amount of EUR 1 million that would facilitate further growth and expansion of the business.



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