A change in mindset is necessary for sustainable growth

For a very long time, at least if I count my 27 year life, discussions about nature has been seen as something “fluffy”, business for “tree huggers” and something that does not really have an important part of “real life”.
I am really longing for the time when it is once again natural to talk about nature in all businesses, all parts of society and for all human beings. Why are we not taught this already in school??take care

Dr. Anil K Rajvanshi wrote in his article Nature Conservation + Spirituality = Sustainability
about this:

“…Thus the fastest way for us to progress is to copy nature. There are large number of examples where we have benefited from copying nature.
(… )better fluid dynamic foils by mimicking dolphin swimming; better insulation by studying polar bear’s fur; better design of helicopter by observing bumble bee flying and better light bulb by understanding the firefly luminescence etc. are among innumerable examples that are being researched all over the world.

In fact there is hardly any modern invention which does not have its
counterpart in nature. Sometimes we do not have the necessary tools to probe nature to
find out how it works and thus foolishly think that we have superior technology.”


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