Meet Cortus at Globe Forum Gdansk


 Cortus is a great best practice example of a Globe Forum Facilitator company that have worked enthusiastically to reach out and communicate its advantageous technology. Cortus’ gasification technology allows for energy-intensive industries such as steel, pulp and paper to green their activities without sacrificing productivity.

 Recently an environmental permit was granted for Cortus’s first 5MW demonstration plant, which means Cortus first plant on a commercial scale could be just one or two years behind that. (read more)

Would you like to find out how Cortus can help your industry? Meet Cortus at Globe Forum in Gdansk, October 2009, where they will take part of the Innovators  Competition and the dialouge around “Business Innovation for Sustainable Growth”

rolf_ljunggren_medium“Our vision is to be able to supply renewable fuels to process industries so that they can move towards getting rid of their fossil fuel dependence. ”

– Founder and Managing Director Rolf Ljunggren



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