Increase the pressure – 69 days left


69 days left, increase the pressure sign the petition that  will be handed over to representatives of the US and Chinese governments.


Mats Schultze, Stockholm, Sweden

No time to lose!!!     

Anders Wigelsbo, Sweden

Not buts, no ifs… the time to act is NOW! For once, set aside egocentricity and short term economic interests… co-operate!         

Anna Lindbäck, Sweden, Stockholm

This is our one chance. Please make this happend!          

Christian Jonsson, Solna 

I want a good world to live in tomorrow. This is important so make a deal at Copenhagen!         

Stefan Nilsson, Eslöv 

Det måste bli ett bra, starkt och bindande klimat-avtal.Det är den absolut viktigaste frågan.Förväntningarna från oss är höga.     

Ann Johansen, Sweden  

 Every counry and every person must take care of a reasonable share of responsability, to change the trend to a sustainable future.       

Karin Karlsbro, Stockholm  

Bra initiativ för att kraftsamla i kampen för klimatet!   

Ulf P Andersson, Gothenburg, Sweden

As a citizen of the world I will strongly recommend you to do some efforts for the climate!

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