Impressed by Polish sustainable innovators

This week I´m travelling around Poland to select sustainable innovators for our Onstage Innovators’ Contest which will be held during our forum in Gdańsk October 28-29:

Since we are trying to be a sustainable company I´ve done most of the interviews over Skype using their video feature, really impressed I must say, saving a lot of time, money and emissions.

But to ensure a good quality of the 10 selected companies I also try to visit them in their own environment. Today I went to the company SiGarden in one of Poland´s most successful technology parks-Gdański Park Naukowo-Technologiczny.

My impression of SiGarden was really good. Their most interesting product right now is a low-power and light-weight minicomputer. The main reason for regarding them as a sustainable company is that  the PC-prototype only takes 5% of regular PC-power, saving a lot of electricity. The battery in the small computer can last up to 8 hours, impressive!

It was also interesting to see open innovation when it really works. The 15 employees in Poland works in close cooperation with Intel, getting access to Intel’s product development.

Many thanks to Jasek, Tomasz and the rest of the staff for an interesting day!

SiGarden will be one of the companies in the competition and you will meet 9 more during our forum the 28th.

The format will be the same as in Stockholm in June with 60-second presentations:

Kind regards,

Gustav Gorecki


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