Where is Poland in the sustainability race?

Olga Grygier from PwC Poland is at the moment talking at the main stage in Globe Forum Gdansk;

She tells us that sustainability is becoming the centre in the board room agendas, it has shifted over the last five years. Good business leaders understand that they need to respond to the challenges and answer the consumer concerns. Business will die if they don’t adapt to sustainability changes.

But still only 24 percent of the CEOs in Poland talk about sustainability being critical to the success of the business.

Olga is however ensuring us that it is improving in Poland as well, businesses are taking the sustainability agenda more seriously, but many remin sceptical. PwC in Poland are stressing the fact that businesses can’t view sustainability as risk – it is an opportunity to develop and be innovative and more creative.

Last year, 40 companies in Poland did CSR reports. These companies are reporting but even more importantly – they are commiting for the future, and that is exactly what we need, according to Olga Grygier PwC Poland.


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