Innovation – How do you actually create it?

Innovation might seem random at times, and the truth is that usually one crazy idea connects to another crazy idea but how do you create this process?
During this session the speakers Kaj Mickos Mälardalen University, Colin Carlile ESS Scandinavia Secretariat at Lund University, Hans-Jacob Bonnier Bonnier Business Press CEE and  Johan Gorecki CEO Globe Forum  pointed out a couple of must have for the innovation process.

1. DEFINE: Don’t start out with coming up with the medicine before you know what to cure. The process should start out with defining the problem and then starts the trial error period
2. OPEN: Tap into not only a couple different networks but lots, the times of renaissance genius is over.
3. COMMUNICATE: The young ones – listen to the young ones, today 3 year olds know how to spell google, teenagers only e-mail when they have to write very old people, are you old?

When you have a crowd working on your clearly defined problem it becomes your source of innovation


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