Did the temperature increase during the last decade?

According to Pew Research Center only 57 percent of the Americans believe that the world is getting warmer, a drop from 71 percent since last year. 36 percent believe the temperature increase is caused by humans, down from 47 percent.

Dagens Nyheter writes about this in todays editorial. They also write that the temperature has not increased during the last decade. A question to all the readers out there, is it true?


In the climate debate it´s almost taboo to question the temperature increase, it´s not a very healthy situation. We need to discuss temperature increases more openly and longer back in the history. How large proportion is explained by natural variations and how much is caused by the humans.

Whatever the reason is, companies of today have to adapt to the new market. A market with customers concerned of the environment.

Companies adapting to sustainability in every part of their value chain will experience lower costs and higher revenues. In the long term they will win the battle over their less sustainable competitors.

Kind regards,

Gustav Gorecki


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