Time for a mental shift!

The sun has been working hard since the beginning of the earth’s history, c. five billion years ago. It’s sending us enormous amounts of energy, each hour the same amount that the entire humanity is using for a whole year. It’s causing the wind to blow, the water to move, the trees to grow. And it’s also behind the formation of oil, coal and peat. How do we dare to call solar power, wind power, water power and bio fuels alternative energy?!

Time for a mental shift!

Humans have been using fossil fuel for some few hundred years, but we have been using solar power, wind power, water power, bio fuels for as long as we have existed. Therefore, from now on, we should regard fossil fuels as alternative energy, fuels that humans used for a short period of time compared to before and after (!) the fossil era. The true and sustainable energy sources are of course the sun itself and its derivates.

Each of the energy sources solar, wind, water and bio fuel could theoretically provide humans with enough energy with already existing technology. Not to mention technology that will be developed in the near future. So, what are we waiting for? Let’s run into the real energy era and use the huge potential for business as well as keeping our planet sustainable!

/Anders Modig
Program Director at Globe Forum


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