Eskho Aho on Green ICT -innovation is key element to spur green growth.

Esko Aho, Executive Vice President, Corporate Relations and Responsibility Nokia

Information and communication technologies are definitely of central importance when it comes to improving environmental performance and address topics like climate change across the economy. The biggest gains for smarter environmental and economic strategies and applications are in power generation and distribution, buildings and transportation – three areas which contribute to the bulk of greenhouse gases. Further environmental benefits of ITC applications are evident in areas such as virtual meetings, water management, biodiversity protection, and pollution reduction.

Therefore, ICT innovation is a key element to spur green growth. However, most government and business initiatives are still following business-as-usual paths and do not sufficiently tap the sector’s innovation potentials.

Among these innovation potentials are:

  • Modern simulation and analysis software to optimize energy efficiency
  • Use of sensors and controls in buildings to improve efficiency
  • Technologies to enable two way communication between energy users and producers less polluting transport systems
  • Virtual meetings, with excellent resolution, to replace physical meetings

Don’t miss your chance to participate when 4 key players in the Green ICT area takes on the above topic at Globe Forum 2010 Stockholm, April 28 at 4.25 pm.

  1. Esko Aho, Executive VP , Corporate Relations and Responsibility NOKIA
  2. Lorie Wigle, General Manager, Eco-Technology Program Office Intel Corporation
  3. Kamal S. Qaudir, Founder and CEO Cellbazaar
  4. Hannu Syrjälä, President and CEO Tieto

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