Globe Forum 48 – The Circle Resort Challenge!

During Globe Forum 28-29 April a diverse group of researchers, house builders, and sustainability experts will take on 7 challenges.

To succeed these experts needs a head start and we would like to gather all ideas and solutions around these challenges before they enter the 48 hour race.

If you have a solution that might solve one or many of the challenges, don’t hesitate to e-mail your ideas and information to

Maybe you will be elected to participate amongst the experts in the race or become a future partner when developing the resort.


The Circle Resort (Figeholm Holding AB) is the most ambitious sustainable leisure and holiday resort in the world today – it will be the world’s first real estate development project based on a modern and sustainable philosophy, powered entirely by renewable energy sources and built using the state-of-the-art construction technologies on a people socially responsible platform.

We plan to build Europe’s largest holiday resort to be developed and run according to environmentally sound principles.

We are going to build 1200 holiday homes, a conference hotel, and giant aquapark and indoors adventure facility, a harbour and a new golf course.

We will develop a demonstration/experimental installation – approx 30 different houses – to showcase our partners’ and suppliers’ best solutions and provide facilities for technology and building development companies – a regional cooperation with public and private interests.


Challenge 1: Household waste and water treatment!

How do we recycle the water in a sustainable way with maximum consideration for the local area and the coastal environment?

We need to: Lower water consumption, Find sustainable waste-water treatment that harvests the nutrients and prevents eutrophication of the Baltic sea.

How do we manage household waste?


Challenge 2: Energy

How do we obtain energy for 1200 houses in a scalable way?

We are looking for solar power, wind power, thermal power and all sorts of sustainable energy sources.

One idea is to create a common energy company for all the house owners – so that they can provide all the energy needed locally and ideally sell excess quantities externally.


Challenge 3: The beginning – 30 demonstration houses

We want to set up 30 different holiday houses as a small scale “demonstration village”, and thereby identify the best houses and techniques that will then be used in the building of the entire resort.

We are looking for low energy and passive houses, positive houses, “cradle to cradle” houses and other solutions.

All houses should have a minimum standard more or less compliant with the criteria listed by Nordic Ecolabel (Svanen)-program for holiday houses.

Read more about the criteria here.


Challenge 4: Economic Challenge

We are looking for the right financial partners/structure.

How do we fund possible extra costs caused by the environmental angle of the city or how do we avoid extra costs through financially sound solutions?

We are on the look-out for large institutional investors, private investors, institutional finance, or other means of financing.


Challenge 5: Marketing and Public relations

How do we market and communicate Circle Resort?

We are looking for ideas covering PR possibilities, traditional advertising, social media, celebrity endorsement etc.


Challenge 6: Infrastructure

How do we build a system on-site that supports the use of electric cars, scooters or other means of transportation that can we use 12 months a year.

How do we connect the resort with regional and national infrastructure in a clean and sustainable way?


Challenge 7: Open source development

We want to include good ideas from all kinds of companies, private individuals, environmental organization, the local community and governmental organizations.

How do we ensure that the best ideas are chosen, and that they get implemented?

To respond to the challenges email: or call Per Löfberg +46 735 – 02 31 57



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