Circle Resort 48hr Challenge – Day One Wrap Up

What a day. The challenge ‘cage’ was buzzing almost all day. It started off strongly with the submission of a large number of solutions across almost all of the solution categories, in the middle of the day it quietened down a little and then after lunch the pace picked up. Later in the Afternoon some more intriguing solutions arrived in the inbox.

These solutions where really quite futuristic, almost sci-fi…

  • The first was a water purification solution that uses a hi-tec membrane and an osmosis process to remove undesirables from the water.
  • The next solution is from a company called Stena Metall, one of Sweden’s largest recycling company. Their solution focuses on an automatic collection and sorting system for garbage that uses a network of tubes to suck up and take the waste away. This is cool but one would have to be careful not to confuse the water slide at the park with the garbage tube…
  • Even more intriguing, particularly from a product life-cycle (following the cradle to cradle philosophy) perspective is the fact that Stena offers a building recycling solutions. this offers the potential for the Circle resort to have zero impact over the course of its existence and leaving Oskarshamn more pristine than when it was constucted.
  • The final solution is one that I found hard to believe but I assure you it is a reality. It is a company that has created tiny turbines that sit inside your faucet (bathroom taps) and generate electricity. Pretty cool no?

The project team is really positive about the progress so far and for the second day of the challenge they will be focusing on drawing even more on the amazing resource that is the Forum delegates. They have prepared a set of five questions that they hope to be answered by delegates along with drawing all those awesome ideas and contacts from those in attendance. I am quite intrigued to see how it goes and will be there to bring you the developments as they happen.

Here are the 48hr challenge questions that will be presented to the delegates:

  • Which companies can provide sustainable transportation? Who should we contact
  • How do you create an ecological golf course that supports and enhances biodiversity and other ecosystem services?
  • Where and how should we find the best houses? Who are the best builders of holiday houses that you know of? How do we contact them
  • Which funds and financial instruments/mechanisms/organisations could support or take part in this Circle Resort project?
  • How do we take this crowd-sourced solutions approach forward? How do we keep the momentum going?

TheGreenMerrie Signing off.


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