The Solutions to help address the 48Hour Circle Resort Challenge come flooding in

Things are really starting to heat up as the solutions fly in to help the team make the Sustainable Circle Resort a reality, check out what is already on the table:
• Design & Sustainable Architecture
o Integrated design process that thinks strategically about sustainability
o Design for buildings that change with the season
o Designs for Self Sufficient Resorts
• Several energy solutions:
o Tidal Power
o Innovative and compact windmills designed for small scale applications and high efficiency
o Combined solar power and heating system
o Solar powered combined water heater and for power generation
• Waste Processing Solutions:
o A system that converts waste, household, and industrial waste and biomass into a number of useful products
o Wastewater Treatment that harvests nutrients and prevents eutrophication of the Baltic Sea
o Composting and waste recycling solutions
o Self-contained small-scale sewage treatment
o On-site Biological Waste-water treatment plant
• Water Solutions:
o A water efficiency and conservation system that recycles water
o Various technologies for Water purification & Desalinisation systems
• Housing Solutions:
o Energy efficient housing using passive heating to keep things cosy and warm in those long Swedish winters
o Ecological housing which is well connected to the surrounding environment and minimises impacts on the environment
o Combining low-tech sustainable building materials with high-tech energy systems
• Solutions for social engagement and community involvement
If this is what the team have to play with already, it is going to be quite a full-on 48 hours……updates soon!


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  1. Posted May 10, 2010 at 1:55 pm | Permalink

    Very good article covering most of the methods for alternatove energy. However, may i add to this list.. The use of ‘heat pumps’ which is a method of obtaining energy from the soil. This is becoming popular these days…

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