Final update and closing comment on the Global Challenge 48 – Circle Resort Challenge:

Overall, the project team agreed that the 48hour challenge crowd-sourcing approach generated extremely valuable input. Kristian from WWP made the point that it was a refreshing change to be at a conference and be engaged, to actually have fun and do something different different all working hard together in a workshop format and taking action to actually get something done.,

This echoes Dennis Pamlin’s point about how important it is to actually be able to quantify positive action, which is partly what this circle resort project is all about, taking action to drive sustainable innovation. Some suggestions were made on how to improve the process for next time. To make it better, it could be prepared more, so potential solutions providers can develop their proposals ahead of the conference. It was pointed out that, this is only the start, the crowd sourcing Globe Forum platform is a way to ensure a continual process and an ongoing contribution of ideas.

Many of the things that were presented over the two days were remarkably clear and simple ideas and not all that expensive, particularly in the water and waste treatment space. This begs the question; why is this not being done everywhere?

It is clear that the next step is to ensure that WWP develops clear guidelines to encourage even more ideas to be sent in and in order to advance those solutions that have already been submitted that accurately match the needs of the project. Finally, if you have an idea email it directly to and get directly involved in the Globe Forum Platform, if you are not involved already!


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