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We waste too much resources because it is obvious for us that we have the supply. But is this sustainable? The population is increasing and resources are scarce at many places in the world.

Thanks to new technology  people will soon have systems in their houses which control power supply automatically. Some people will have wind turbines on the yard which will supply their houses. Some people will buy a machine who can make water from air. Solar panel will be on all roofs to heat up houses.  

I have been more aware of all problems the world is facing with the waste of our resources. This forum is a initiative in the right direction of how we should use new technology in order to create a better world. Thanks to all innovators their is hope to make it better.

On the other hand it is scary that the human being needs a computer to do the thinking that we should switch off the light or decrease the temperature. We should understand that by ourselves.

If you are not an engineer who can come up with new ideas you can spread the message to stop waste resources. People can cut their resource waste a lot by just be in the shower for 9 instead of 10 minutes, turn off the light if you do not use it etc.


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