On the future of Aviation Fuel: Vast Challenges and exciting opportunities

Finnair has a new fleet and is investing in sustainable initiatives but they face a big challenge to find a biofuel solution that satisfactorily accounts for and avoids all the problems associated with biofuels; Food security issues, land use change, damage to biodiversity, removing biomaterials that help to drive soil formation, to name but a few. This is a tough challenge to solve. Stockholm’s Arlanda Airport have commissioned and had delivered a study to layout in detail a roadmap to renewable aviation fuels.
The study found that such fuels may be commercial now even at today’s oil prices. It was good to see a moment of epiphany on stage as FInnair became fully aware of the work that Arlanda is doing as part of the solution. Maybe they feel a little crestfallen that their big brother Sweden beat them to it! Never mind Finland, you still have Nokia…
The next step is to build a consortium to make renewable, commercially viable aviation fuel widely available. Arlanda Airport has a possible facility/plant ready and online to begin bringing this renewable fuel to market. A 500mil Euros investment required to get this off the ground. As Patrick Dixon pointed out this is not that much in the larger context of an expected 14trillion USD green-tech boom. It was good to see the clear linkage between Environmental Passion and an immensely profitable business opportunity….how soon will you be flying around the world in a plane powered by bio-based materials?


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