Per Lofberg, 48Hour Challenge Leader, Cradle to Cradle on the Main Stage : Water, Water everywhere and quite a lot to drink

Preliminary water study by Oskarshamn community has been developed as part of the preparation for the Sustainable Circle Resort Challenge. The Focus is on a cradle to cradle perspective; this way of doing business does not accept the concept of waste. If you see wastewater as full of nutrients there are exciting solutions out there; technology to clean and use it for natural fertilisers from Germany  and ‘split-box’ which harvests nutrients from the water which is then used to pay for ongoing service of the machine which cleans the wastewater.

“when you look at traditional way of treating water that costs 60mil SEK, using this simple technology, you can save 55million SEK”

This is just one awesome solution to the water challenge that the Circle resort is facing. Need Architects, Designers and Builders of eco-homes. Have a great idea and have not shared it yet? Email the project team at;


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