Serious intellectual firepower at Globe Forum Dublin

Hey sustainable innovators,

I have been spending some time over the last couple of days looking into the impressive line-up of speakers and themes that will be covered during Globe Forum Dublin. Over the course of the coming weeks I will be doing some in-depth profiles on some of the  fascinating speakers and conference themes to give all the readers insight into what they can expect and why listening to these people matters. Here are a few highlights from just a few of those invited to speak:

  • Sir Nicholas Stern – Author of the famous and highly influential Stern Report (NB: hyperlink goes directly to a PDF of the report) which, through its insightful and un-compromising economic analysis has helped to galvanise the international policy and business community into treating climate change as a key priority. Sir Nicholas is Chair of the Grantham Research Institute on Climate Change and the environment at the London School of Economics
  • Mary Robinson –  Former first female Prime Minister of Ireland, and former United Nations High Commissioner for Human rights. Ms Robinson has not been content with shaking up and reinvigorating Irish Politics and making countless invaluable contributions to international human rights. Since 2002, she has served as the honorary president of Oxfam. In addition, she is currently the chair of the Institute for International Environment & Development (IIED) and a founding member of the Council of Women World Leaders (there is more but it will be saved for a more in-depth profile). She is an impressive figure by any measure and deeply committed to making the world a better place. Globe Forum Dublin is fortunate indeed to be graced by her presence.
  • Professor C.S. Kiang – Chairman of the Sustainable Development Technology Foundation and a councillor of the World Future Council. Professor Kiang has vast experience in the area of sustainable technology, the science-policy interface and Atmospheric physics among other things. He has served as a member of the U.S. National Academy of Sciences, to which only the very best are invited and he has been at the forefront of climate change research and environmental policy in China. His perspectives on sustainable innovation will no doubt be unique and highly valuable.

I could go on….because there are so many great speakers and themes to talk about but this is just a taster for now. Stay tuned for more detail on what awaits you at Globe Forum Dublin. Keep on Innovating!


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