The Seven Keys to Sustainable Transformation – The Intel Perspective

Martin Curley, Director at Intel Labs Europe spent his time on stage going through what he believes to be the seven big E’s that sit at the heart of sustainability. these E’ are not just specific to the private sector as it is clear that they could form achievable objectives in a new form of private public partnership as I have blogged about here in reference to EcoMedia CBS.

The Seven E’s are:


This is central, perhaps not surprisingly. Education is what lights the fire and clearly we only really understand the importance of education when we are faced with widespread ignorance.


Martin here applied the classical definition from when the term was coined by Jean Baptiste; ‘Entrepreneurship is the shifting of resources from activities that have lower yields to those that have higher yields.’ Entrepreneurship has often been associated with the private sector but with the birth of Social Entrepreneurship and Intrapreneurship, public sector organisations, large and small are creating change every day. Look at the city of Malmo which is doing great things. It is worth noting that this here is ‘High-Expectation Entrepreneurship.’ This connects directly to the employment E. After all this kind of entrepreneurship, according to Martin from Intel, accounts for 80% of all new job creation and can be seen in almost all industry sectors.


Just as no man is an island, so can no real innovation, particularly not at scale occur in isolation. Effective innovation requires an ecosystem that nourishes and provides invaluable support and services


The point of this principle of course is that good ideas must result in tangible outcomes for people in society. This for Intel is coupled with the education concept. It is important that young people have the opportunity to learn to be entrepreneurs. Here is a link to a video on TED that clearly makes the case for why we should train young people to be entrepreneurs. It is really interesting for thinking about how we might draw out people’s latent talents.


This part of the overall concept revolves around the need to create an entirely new socio-economic mode and is partly about removing the word consumer that has been branded on us in the 20th century as seemingly the entirety of our identity. We are more than consumers.


The energy E is particularly relevant for Ireland. As I have already blogged. Energy when linked up to innovation in ICT is at the heart of Ireland’s future in terms of sustainability.


The final part of the equation is about Digital Transformation (which is well under way), mass collaboration and the global push towards sustainability. Sustainability is not a trend or a buzz word but must in fact underpin the future development of our society. It should be a project that everyone wants to get involved in as it is about preserving, extending and enhancing the best parts of Humanity’s social, cultural, environmental and economic progress while leaving the destructive parts behind. Eco-innovation is fundamentally about creating countless win-win situations that activate a large number of actors in co-opetition.

So that is the seven E’s with my own thoughts included on some of them. So much awesome stuff to blog about from today’s Globe Forum, more will be coming as I complete the posts!


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