Innovator: Interactive Institute AB, Energy Design

The Watt-lite is delivered as a set of three and have the exterior shape of an over dimensioned torch. The size of the light beam projected from the torches indicates the company’s electricity consumption and expands and contracts depending on the electricity usage at the industry.

The dark grey Watt-lite is a real-time electricity meter. If the light beam is small, the electricity consumption at the industry is low, if the light beam is large the electricity consumption is high.

The two light grey Watt-lites are used as reference points displaying maximum and minimum electricity usage during the day. The Watt-lite projecting a blue light beam displays the smallest amount of electricity used during the day. The orange light beam displays the highest amount of electricity used during the day.

Watt-lite also includes a web service developed as a user-friendly, simple and aesthetically pleasing interface where employees can check the industries historic consumption.

The design result is part of the project Industrywise, a cooperation between Interactive Institute, Eskilstuna Energi och Miljö and Eskilstuna Kommun and is funded by Energimyndigheten.


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