Winners of Globe Forum Tour in Eskilstuna

Congratulations to IBC Robotics AB  andWo(r)ld Consulting Ltd . We wish you good luck and looking forward to seeing you in Stockholm in May.

IBC Robotics AB shall develop and sell a product, IBA 2009, for automated cleaning in maintenance of freight containers using dry ice and robotics, with a focus on process efficiency, reduced environmental impact and ease of use. High investments, operating costs for ships and port equipment’s and increased global trade, enforce improvements of terminal operations. This includes internal logistics with one key being automation of in-yard transportation, stacking and support processes such as cleaning. The window of opportunity is now and IBA 2009, creating a new market, will meet the expectations. Our initial market is 60 million containers involved in transportation of food. All container-cleaning involves manual handling with high-pressure water and solvents, or simply a broom. There is no company that offers automated cleaning today.’

Wo(r)ld Consulting Ltd: Clean water is becoming a large scarcity in the entire world, especially in the developing world. This innovation transforms highly polluted water in lakes, ponds, mines, sevage systems into drinking water in a matter of seconds. More then 500 cubicmeter highly polluted water per hour can be transformed into drinking water in different product sizes, giving more then 1 million people 10 liters of clean drinking water every day. The sludge that comes out of the system can be used to build building materials, such as bricks. The aim is to spread this mobile water re-cycling system into more countries around the world.


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