Twitter at Globe Forum Stockholm 2011 #GF2011

Social Media is going to be a critical part of Globe Forum Stockholm 2011 and we wanted to take some time to remind you about what will be happening during the forum. The central tool that we will be using to measure the pulse of the forum in real time is Twitter.  we will have a large screen in the auditorium that will display twitter feeds from the audience and the wider Globe Forum community. We will be using the hastag: #GF2011. Any tweets that you send during the forum and that you want to appear on the screens, please use this hash tag, just pop it onto the end of each of your tweets. The aim is that we want to light the forum on fire and allow you our audience to capture, articulate and share ‘tweet worthy moments’ Any time during the forum something shocks, excites, surprises or frustrates you, we want to see your take on it on the screen, all in less than 140 characters. We will be monitoring these little pearls of wisdom and insight over the course of the forum and your question, statement or witticism may be shared with the forum. Having a live twitter feed is not eactly like being able to read the thoughts of the audience and the feeling pervading the forum, but almost. The more we use this, the more value it will provide. For those of you that are not familiar with Twitter, we have linked here to an awesome user guide from Mashable, the social media experts.

Twitter and Mobility: 

For those of you that would like to tweet from your mobile devices during the forum, here are some cool applications that will make it super easy to tweet without missing any of the action. We have recommended one cool app for each type of mobile device. If you are using your laptop, you can download Tweetdeck to manage your twitter feeds (which also has versions available for iPhone, iPad and Android) once you have set up a Twitteraccount, which only takes a few minutes. In addition, we have provided a great link to honeytechblog which lists and describes 35 different mobile Twitter applications. There is something cool and easy to use whether you have an iPhone, a Blackberry, an Android phone, a Palm or even a Nokia. Check them out and pick the one that will work best for you We are really excited about Globe Forum Stockholm 2011 and look forward to being able to tap into the perspectives and opinions of our audience during the forum in real time. bring it.

P.S: This year at Globe Forum Stockholm, we will have the pleasure of hearing from Matt McKenna, founder and president of Red Fish media (follow on twitter: @redfishmedia)  who will be talking about how ‘social and mobile are creating effective channels for business and innovation, awesome stuff!

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