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Twitter at Globe Forum Stockholm 2011 #GF2011

Social Media is going to be a critical part of Globe Forum Stockholm 2011 and we wanted to take some time to remind you about what will be happening during the forum. The central tool that we will be using to measure the pulse of the forum in real time is Twitter.  we will have […]

What does the COP16 Agreement mean for Sustainable Innovation?

There is no doubt that the COP15 climate conference in Copenhagen in December last year achieved very little and collapsed under the combined weight of the posturing of political star-power and its own expectations. This year in Cancun there was almost no expectation to achieve anything which means that the agreement that did come out of COP 16 is fairly significant. It is […]

Sustainability and the future of Business at Globe Forum Dublin 2010

This session was in my view one of the most encouraging and inspiring during Globe Forum Dublin as it indicated that Business is changing how it thinks about sustainability. Notions of Corporate Social Responsibility have been around for a long time now but only recently has a paradigm shift begun to take place. Sustainability, has […]

The voices of Youth

The first session of the second day of Globe Forum was entitled – Can Innovation Save us? and it included perspectives from four young people who are, each in their own way agents of change. Paddy Cosgrove’s perspective on innovation was that it is really all about tearing up the rule book. He shared historical examples of […]

Empowerment and Entrepreneurship in the developing world: Mary Robinson & Margaret Wallström

In this post I will share a series of highlights from the final headline session on day one featuring these two remarkable women following an introduction to their work. Mary Robinson served as many years as an Irish Senator before being elected the Prime Minister of Ireland in 1990. After serving seven years, she became […]

Cities: Innovation Ecosystems & Drivers of a Sustainable Future

We have now had two sessions during the forum that focus on the city. It is a clear reflection from both sessions that cities are very much social-ecological systems. Cities represent the hopes and dreams of the people that live in them and they also represent perhaps the best hope for reversing large-scale ecological decline, […]

Early Career Researcher Pitches from Day One:

Here we have all six pitches from the finalists in the early career researcher competition including that of the deserving winner, David Connolly: David Connolly – Winner! Anthony Schoofs Aimee Byrne Dr Ivana Dusparic Dr Aidan Doherty Paul Doherty

Innovator Pitches from Day One:

Day one of Globe Forum was really inspiring and I am still working my way through all the excellent material that came out of the day and thinking about interesting ways to share it with you. To feed your hunger, I have posted here the six 60 second Pitch Videos for each of the innovators […]

The Seven Keys to Sustainable Transformation – The Intel Perspective

Martin Curley, Director at Intel Labs Europe spent his time on stage going through what he believes to be the seven big E’s that sit at the heart of sustainability. these E’ are not just specific to the private sector as it is clear that they could form achievable objectives in a new form of private public […]

Thoughts from a Minister – Eamon Ryan, Minister for Communications, Energy & Natural Resources

The Minister set out a bold strategy for how Dublin can move out of the crisis it currently faces and find new ways of creating value. He said that the new approach began two years ago in the depths of the global financial crisis. The Government created a SMART plan that was based on a […]