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Hold the position as Marketing Director at Globe Forum. Curious of different cultures and the diversity in the world she has a keen interest for open innovation and have researched the movement for years. Annelie holds a dual undergraduate in Bachelor of Fine Arts and Science, and graduated with an MBA from LIU, New York, 2006.
She is passionate about sustainable innovations that change the rules of the game, people’s habits and values, and she believes that: “…the truth is that the best organizations and innovations are the ones that strive to make a difference in the world!”

Substantial growth potential in branding biodiversity

Written by Malin Håkansson Maintaining biodiversity is no longer an obstacle for business, but rather a prerequisite. Environment and sustainability issues have always had a serious streak of responsibility and conscience. It has been considered boring and backward. Until a few years ago. Saving the world requires cooperation. As Nobel memorial Prize in Economic Sciences winner Elinor […]

Winners of Globe Forum Tour in Eskilstuna

Congratulations to IBC Robotics AB  andWo(r)ld Consulting Ltd . We wish you good luck and looking forward to seeing you in Stockholm in May. IBC Robotics AB shall develop and sell a product, IBA 2009, for automated cleaning in maintenance of freight containers using dry ice and robotics, with a focus on process efficiency, reduced environmental impact […]

Eskilstuna Energi & Miljö challenge: Innovative ideas for social interaction

  Digital communication offers a possibility to preserve the environment and save time, but how can we continue improving our life in a digitized world without losing the social interaction? While discussing our roadmap towards a sustainble future from a human perspective, Adam Brännström from Eskilstuna Energi & Miljö, placed the challenge: Innovative ideas for […]

Sida challenge: What is worth innovating for?

Everyone that have walked across the bridge Nybron in Eskilstuna and experienced the exhibition Hard Rain by photographer Mark Edwards must have felt that the need for peaceful and sustainable innovations is crucial. Using the eye-opening exhibition Hard Rain, Sida is in collaboration with Globe Forums extensive network challenging all innovators and citizens to think creatively around […]

Innovator: Wo(r)ld Consulting Ltd

Clean water is becoming a large scarcity in the entire world, especially in the developing world. This innovation transforms highly polluted water in lakes, ponds, mines, sevage systems into drinking water in a matter of seconds. More then 500 cubicmeter highly polluted water per hour can be transformed into drinking water in different product sizes, […]

Innovator: TD Light Sweden

  Stingylight LED-fluorescent lamps save 55-75% on your energy bills. And since the last 6-9 times longer than regular fluorescent lamps you won’t need to change them for at least 10 years!

Innovator: Interactive Institute AB, Energy Design

The Watt-lite is delivered as a set of three and have the exterior shape of an over dimensioned torch. The size of the light beam projected from the torches indicates the company’s electricity consumption and expands and contracts depending on the electricity usage at the industry. The dark grey Watt-lite is a real-time electricity meter. […]

Innovator: IBC Robotics AB

IBC Robotics AB shall develop and sell a product, IBA 2009, for automated cleaning in maintenance of freight containers using dry ice and robotics, with a focus on process efficiency, reduced environmental impact and ease of use. High investments, operating costs for ships and port equipment’s and increased global trade, enforce improvements of terminal operations. […]

Innovator: FlexiClean AB

The airborne pollution from for example traffic in the cities is sooner or later ending up in the daywater net and is in this way transported to the watercourse nearby where it pollutes the lakes, rivers and the sea. FlexiClean can be sorted under the category of environmental sustainability and in the long run also […]

Innovator: eze System Europe AB

Energy use is reduced by engaging users with real usage feedback, visualization and reporting. There is a need for solutions that is applicable in old and existing systems, buildings and structures – eze solves that.