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Substantial growth potential in branding biodiversity

Written by Malin Håkansson Maintaining biodiversity is no longer an obstacle for business, but rather a prerequisite. Environment and sustainability issues have always had a serious streak of responsibility and conscience. It has been considered boring and backward. Until a few years ago. Saving the world requires cooperation. As Nobel memorial Prize in Economic Sciences winner Elinor […]

Sida challenge: What is worth innovating for?

Everyone that have walked across the bridge Nybron in Eskilstuna and experienced the exhibition Hard Rain by photographer Mark Edwards must have felt that the need for peaceful and sustainable innovations is crucial. Using the eye-opening exhibition Hard Rain, Sida is in collaboration with Globe Forums extensive network challenging all innovators and citizens to think creatively around […]

A Climate Solution that is not a Double Edged Sword – Biochar

A reality that is becoming clearer and clearer is that the environmental challenges we are facing interact in unexpected ways and if we are to adequately deal with these challenges, our technologies and policy instruments must be able to account for interactions and ensure that a targeted, narrow solution to address one problem does not inadvertently cause […]

From Crisis to Opportunity: The Economics of Ecosystems & Biodiversity

In resilience thinking, crisis is not a word that instils fear but one that signals opportunity, an opportunity to navigate a transformation towards sustainability and new and better ways of doing things. In 2005  the UN’s Millennium Ecosystem Assessment spelled out in no uncertain terms that an epic and unparralleled crisis was rapidly approaching: Over the past […]

Sharing thoughts on the biosphere economy

I just had the pleasure of coming across an excellent entry entitled “The Emergence of the Biosphere Economy.” I found it on the blog for the 2010 Social Capital Markets (At the intersection of Money and Meaning) event which is going on right now in San Francisco. It gets to the heart of where we […]