Sida challenge: What is worth innovating for?

Everyone that have walked across the bridge Nybron in Eskilstuna and experienced the exhibition Hard Rain by photographer Mark Edwards must have felt that the need for peaceful and sustainable innovations is crucial.

Using the eye-opening exhibition Hard Rain, Sida is in collaboration with Globe Forums extensive network challenging all innovators and citizens to think creatively around what is worth improving, developing and change to finally answer the central question: What is worth innovating for?

The challenge What is worth innovating for? Went live today at Munktell Science Park during the speech held by Annika Magnusson from PwC. The reason for the challenge is threefold, attract local innovators, and build a strong platform for sustainable development that can be shared with other regions, and finally to reach out and raise awareness of Sida’s program Innovation against Poverty. 

During the day we will be carrying out interviews to gather all thoughts and ideas around the challenge. If  you are not here today we still would like you to participate go to  or e-mail your ideas to

Thank you!



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